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Types of
Honing Jobs

Micro-Matic Engg. System's

honing machine is quite versatile in its features and combines the speed of grinding with the accuracy of lapping. The honing process is precision and economical.

It's wide spread acceptance thruoghout the industry, is proof that 'Todays tolerences and finishes call for honing'. To meet and achieve the growing demand of high bore accuracy, surface finish and productivity, Micro-Matic Engg. System's Horizontal Honing Machine Model MES-AHHM-01 is provided, with auto stroking.

Quality Control Instruments

We also have Quality Control Instruments like Vernier Callipers, Dial Verniers, Digital Vernier, all types of Micrometers, upto 150 mm dia. Mitutoyo make Bore Dial Gauges Covering the range of ID 9mm to 60mm, Grante & Cost Iron precesion surface plates.

Dial Indicators with LC of 0.01 & 0.001 mm standard Gauges & Snap Gauges, V Blocks, Precesion slip gauges set comparator stands, Height gauge vernier, Baker mercer make & Accurate make Air Gauge units etc. to check the accuracy.

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