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Established in the year 1994 MICRO-MATIC ENGINEERING SYSTEMS, is bound to manufacture high quality AUTO STROKING HORIZONTAL HONING MACHINE and other Precision Components and Parts.

We have a team of skilled manpower, Technicians and Quality Controllers to provides the best Products and Services. High accuracy I.D. Honing is our speciality. The company is having its own industrial premises and in-house facilities of Machining, Cylindrical, Surface and Centerless Grinding and I.D. Honing.

Quality Control System is having trained manpower and necessary quality control equipments and presion measuring instruments To serve the customer with high quality products and services at compitative price is our motto.

Micro-Matic Engg. System's honing machine is quite versatile in its features and combines the speed of grinding with the accuracy of lapping. The honing process is precision and economical. It's wide spread acceptance thruoghout the industry, is proof that 'Todays tolerences and finishes call for honing'. To meet and achieve the growing demand of high bore accuracy, surface finish and productivity, Micro-Matic Engg. System's Horizontal Honing Machine Model MES-AHHM-01 is provided, with auto stroking.

The electronic timer circuit is specially designed with digital display, buzzer and auto control arrangement, to make the machine ideal which avoids skill of operator. The machine accomodate variety of jobs with different sizes, shapes and length. Various fixtures can be easily and quickly installed to the stroking arm of machine.

The machine can be operated in 5-6 different modes as per the requirement of components. Feed rates, stroke length, stroke speed, spindle speeds can be adjusted. Thus Micro-Matic Engg. System's Power Honing Machine gives practical and economical solution to the complicated and tiring process of bore finishing.